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Your dream vacation in Maldives is just a click away!

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Céleste Restaurant

If you fancy a bit of luxury then Céleste Restaurant should be must go. The 150-person eatery, located near the harbor, serves magnificent Maldivian dishes plus Asian and European staples. You will be absolutely happy with the fish, seafood, curry and rice choices at the restaurant. Their on-site bakery provides a variety of ultra-fresh sweet and savoury pastries every day. The place is good value for money even if it is marginally more expensive than average.

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Ukulhas(Dhivehi: އުކުޅަސް), one of the inhabited islands of Alif Alif Atoll, is a uniquely featured, environmentally friendly island in the maldives, famed for its cleanliness, well-maintained waste management system and also known as first systematically waste managed Island in the history of Republic of Maldives. Ukulhas conducts several cleaning and planting programs each year and organizes several awareness programs on waste management, marine ecosystems, and biodiversity. As being recognized as an environmental role model island in the Rep of Maldives, Ukulhas achieved Green Leaf award in the year 2014 for its outstanding services on protecting and preserving the Island’s environment